The Best Gay Dating Tips for Introverts

Gay dating is not easy but if you are an introvert, things can become worse than the hell. To help you break your silence at the right time and in the right quantity, here are some of the effective gay dating tips for introverts. Keep reading the post to know how not to be a silent observer on your first date. Know about the bright side of dating when with an introvert or an extrovert.

So, let’s get started!

Tip#1 Make Eye Contact

Who says only mouth can express your inner side? Well, eyes do this job as finely as the mouth does, especially when you are on a date. While, his biceps, chest, or maybe the crotch are the only parts that are distracting your eyes but hold on!! You can not simply stare at them and forget that you are on a date. He might have lots of other things to admire at and his eyes are one of them.

While checking out his favorite body parts won’t look bad on a date but staring them for more than a minute will definitely look cliche. So, even if your eyes want to dig into his chest, control your feelings and start diverting your stare to his eyes. Make eye contact for at least 7 seconds and you are good to go. He would love to see his eyes in yours and the conversation will begin automatically.

Tip#2 You do not need to fill the silence gap every then and now

There is no need to fill the gap of silence by your words. As said earlier, eyes can do this job perfectly, give them a chance and take them the lead. There are certain situations where keeping silent actually serves the purpose and in all those moments you are not supposed to speak but enjoy it silently. Sometimes you’ll have nothing to say to each other, and that’s completely okay!

Tip#3 Make him feel special

You are on a date with a gay guy who is good looking but not hot. You are meeting him because you want to and suddenly a hot guy passes by and you lose control of your eyes. You stare at him every then and now without even realizing that you are on a date with someone. This ruins the day and the date as well.

When you are out, there are chances that you come across by many hot looking guys but it does not give you the freedom to check them out in front of your date. It might be a date only but it’s a sort of commitment also which you must not break for the day at least.

Keep your eyes on your date only and he will find the best in you.


Being an introvert does not mean you have fewer chances to survive a gay date. With a couple of smart gay dating tips by your side, you can enjoy your date as happily as other gay guys. Hope these ideas help you combat the fear of being an introvert gay guy.