5 Signs Your Date Wants You to Go Official

You are dating from a long time which has made you think and act like a couple. You are happy with him and quite excited to see him down his knees. However, at the back of your mind, you are also scared of that you might be wrong. He might or might not be interested in making the relationship official. If this is what you have been struggling with, keep reading this post to know the most common signs that show your date want you to be his partner for a lifetime.

5 Signs He Wants to Be with You Forever

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Sign#1 You are hanging out in public as a couple

This is the very first sign that your date treats you much more than a date. If he is asking you to go out for parties, day outs, and events with his friends, this is a clear sign that he is onto something. Maybe he is doing this to check whether you fit his circle or not. No matter what plan does he has in his mind if he is hanging with you in public - especially among his friends - he definitely has feelings for you which he might want to take ahead.

Sign#2 You are in his stories

While most of the dating guys avoid posting pictures of their date on social media. This might have many reasons of which insecurity and fear of ruined image are some. However, if you see yourself not only on his posts but also in his stories, this shows he wants to show the world that he is spending time with you. This is a good sign which might indicate that he wants something serious from you. Be ready for the surprise!!

Sign#3 You feel confident wearing the same dress in front of your date

Women do not like repeating clothes, especially when meeting their date. However, if the date makes you feel so comfortable and special, you no more feel a need to do brainstorming on what to wear questions. If you are confident and close enough to your date, you won’t mind repeating your clothes in front of him. That’s another sign that you feel comfortable with him and he makes sure you feel so.

Sign#4 What Are We Doing This Weekend? Has become music to your ears

At the start of the date, he might have taken your permission to take you out for movies, shopping, or a long drive but now things might have changed. If he is serious about you and wants to take this relationship to the next level, he is no more formal to you. He would pop up questions like What Are We Doing This Weekend? every time he has a plan in his mind. Doing so, he is assuming that your all plans will start and end with him only. This is a strong sign that you are special to him.

Sign#5 He wants you to meet his family

When a guy asks you to meet his family members or insist to meet yours, there’s no doubt he wants to make things official. Involving the family members in a relationship shows that he wants to pop “The Question” which you might be waiting for long.