Tips On How To Get A Date

Take out a piece of paper and write “will you go out with me, circle yes or no” and pass this paper to your prospective date when the teacher is not looking.  This funny yet simple trick of elementary schoolers often does wonders. However, once we grow up, asking for a date can be difficult and intimidating because the level of maturity and perception changes due to which things get complicated. Thankfully, you do not have to leave everything to luck as there are psychological hacks which can help you to understand the process and will guide you on how to get a date.

1. Do not ask immediately:

As per the survey, there is only a 3% chance that the person will say yes when he or she is asked directly for a date. Hence, asking outright can lower the chances of a date. Start by making a short conversation or asking for a favor. You may ask simple questions like directions to a restaurant and then try to strike a long conversation. These long conversations will help you by increasing the chances of success for your date.

2. Be positive:

Being positive is one of the best suggestion if you want really want to know how to get a date. People do not like someone who talks negatively on day-to-day matters. Even if you want to ask someone for a date in public, find something positive in the area and strike a conversation on that. Do not use any ‘pick up line’ as they often perceived as disingenuous. Once a conversation is started, pay attention to the words and body language of the other person. Do not be too straightforward in asking questions and give sufficient time to the other person to tell more about him or her. Match the length of his or her response and keep your response within limits. Talking more than required will make you seem self-absorbed.

3. First impression:

First impressions are always hard to change. Be it your dress or body language or your behavior, all will make an impression and your prospective date will judge you on these parameters. Making a good first impression is the foremost guideline to understand how to get a date. Greeting people with confidence, making eye contact etc. boosts your chances of getting a date. Besides the usual conversation, body language plays an equally important role. These nonverbal methods along with verbal conversation increase your confidence and signal the other person that you are interested in him or her. Some tips for improving the body language are

  • keep smiling

  • make eye contact

  • speak slowly and listen carefully.

  • Stand closer but not too close

  • Stand straight (do not lean)

4. Right colors:

Colors can have a huge effect on the people and always leave an impression. Make sure that the colors which you are wearing are signaling a positive message for a prospective date. Blue color on men is often linked to stability and loyalty. Red color on women signifies passion and power. Color grey on any sex signals stability and quietness. It's not always true that colors reflect the truth but it’s the perception which can lead to your first date. Wear appropriately, be confident and strike a delightful conversation to ensure high success rate for a date.

5. Asking for the date:

It is always advisable to ask indirectly if a person wants to go on a date with you. Doing this will reduce the pressure on the other person and he or she might give you an honest answer. You may simply ask your prospective date for the plans for the weekend or any particular day. If he or she doesn’t have any plans, present your own plan and ask your prospective date if he or she would like to join. Simply refusal means that you should start looking for someone else and vice versa. It is seen people are more comfortable with their own ideas instead of depending on other. Whenever you propose the idea of the date, present in such a way that it seems like his or her own idea. If you want to take your prospective date to some restaurant, ask him or her for the opinion on good restaurants nearby and then propose the idea of going together. Sometimes explaining the benefits of visiting a place together seems both interesting and cute.

6. Asking directly:

Although asking directly for a date is not suggested as it puts your prospective date under immense pressure to accept or decline your request, however, some people consider indirect ways as manipulative means to deceive a person. Hence, for people like these, consider direct approach and ask directly if he or she would like to go on a date with you.

Wrapping up:

Going on a date with your crush can be a lot of fun but asking him or her is daunting. Most people are hesitant to ask because they fear that the prospective date might refuse. However, above psychological tips will make more aware of the nowadays trend and will surely guide you on how to get a date.