How To Be More Confident On The First Date

When it is a matter of the first date, everyone gets the butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling. Even the most confident people can feel anxious, insecure when it comes to the first date. Lack of confidence can lead to canceling your date even before you have met him or her. It’s really important that you must be confident if you want success in the dating world. Being confident doesn’t mean that know everything but it means that you know how you are and are unapologetic about it. It also means that you have faith in yourself and can handle embarrassing or awkward situations. Here are few tips which will guide you on how to be more confident on a first date.


1. Relax:

Sit in an idle position for 30 minutes before the date and try to relax. If tea or coffee suits you, drink that. You may also try meditation or breathing exercises if it calms you. If nothing works, start the success trigger. In ‘success trigger’ exercise, you have to close your eyes and image how your date will go. Just think that you both are laughing & enjoying each other’s company and everything is going perfectly. Smile more and more as you create this wonderful memory. Now when your imaginative date comes to an end, close your fist together or pinch yourself slightly so that this feeling remains inside you whenever you repeat this action. The more you practice this, more natural it will get. This exercise will make you feel positive & confident about the date and everything will work out smoothly on an actual date. Remember, a smile is a key to eliminate all tension, worries and helps you to focus on the positive aspect.


2. Mood:

It's always advisable that you should put yourself in a good mood before you even plan your date. Make sure that you are in a good mood when you leave the house for the date. Do yoga, eat ice-crème, dance, run or do whatever you need to do to get yourself in good mood. Always dress in clothes which are comfortable to wear and make you feel confident. If someone tells you that you look beautiful in a certain dress but you don’t feel comfortable, never wear those on the first date. It’s about you and not how the other person feels about you.


3. Be open about your dating experience:


When it comes to yourself, be open and honest. There is always a 50-50 chance that your dating may go well or not. Consider your first date as an experiment where you will meet someone and if you two like each other, you may date further or otherwise there will be plenty of other opportunities. Do not make future plans before meeting your date. Remember that it's just a date and if things do not work out, it's not an end. In order to lighten up, you can also call your friend with whom you are comfortable in sharing your dating experiences.


4. Be yourself:

Being yourself is the best answer to how to be more confident on a date. Never try to façade or act like someone you are not. There is a greater chance that you will lose your identity and will make yourself sound confusing if you act like someone. Be open and honest with your date. If everything works out, its great, otherwise your date is not the last human being on the Earth. Remember that your first date is not a chance to show how amazing you are. It’s about getting to know the other person also. Self-consciousness will disappear if you will turn your focus towards your date. If it helps, prepare few questions beforehand about your date which will help him or her in opening-up. During the conversation, remember to focus on your strengths instead of weakness. Leave the discussion on your weaknesses for later dates. This is an awesome tip to how to be more confident on the first date.


5. You both are in the same boat:


Your date is not just about you. Remember that whatever you are experiencing, there are high chances that your date is also experiencing the same. He or she will also have the same concerns, pressure, and butterflies as you. No one is 100 percent confident on a first date and everyone has different mechanisms to deal with their insecurities and worries. It will take time before both of you will open up. Once you realize this fact, it will make the situation much lighter.


Wrapping up:

If you are looking for tips on how to be more confident, this article will surely help you. But keep the fact in mind that even if things do not work you, you will still have a funny story to tell. Be relaxed and keep smiling as this will resolve ninety percent of all your concerns.