How To Tell If He Wants To Date You

A lot of things happen on the first date. Both of you have a great conversation and all the flirting pays off. Not the big question that crosses your mind is does he want to date me? It becomes more and more complicated as your first date reaches to an end. Sometimes he may give signs to show his interest in further dates but it’s not always too perceptible. Guys normally state their intentions in a different way instead of directly stating that he is interested in a relationship. In this domain, both men and women may be confusing and this can cause severe damage to the budding relationship. If you want an answer to How to tell if he wants to date you, follow the guidelines.


1. Calling and texting:


Calling and texting too often is a good sign and shows that he is interested in you. Make sure that the calls are not in late nights or odd timings which is a red flag. Initially, he may not call you on every single day but will call you in few days gap (weekends) just to ensure that everything is fine. After few days, calls will become more frequent and you will have fixed schedules for calls. This indicates that he is genuinely interested in you and wants to date you further.


2. More about you:


If a guy is interested in dating you, he will ask you several questions about your hobbies, interests favorite food, music etc. All these are clear indications that he wants to date you. Perhaps he is asking you these personal questions so that he can plan the next date accordingly like if you like music, he can plan the next date at some gala or musical concert etc. Also, keep a keen watch if he mentions other girls or his past relationships. You should be the only girl in which he is putting all his efforts to impress. If he is constantly checking out the other girls, he is probably interested in only hook up. If he is paying all his attention to you, the answer to does he want to date me is YES.


3. Waits before making a move:


If he is interested in dating, he will wait before you are comfortable in taking your relationship to next level. An immediate physical connection indicates that he is looking for something other than the date. Patience and respect is an important key in a relationship. It might be possible that he tells you that he is tired of casual dating. Do not be misled by his statement as he simply wants to tell you that he is serious about the relationship. He may communicate you this in some other manner also because he is afraid that you may think that there is something fishy as he is moving too quickly.


4. Friends and family:


Friends and family are two important milestones to answer the question does he wants to date me. If a guy wants you to meet his friends, he is hinting that he values the relationship much more than you have thought of. He may request you for a group hangout session with all his friends (both male and female). This means that he is ready to declare that he is dating someone with whom he foresees a future.  When it comes to family, he will not suggest meeting either family because it will be a big step. Still, he will definitely ask you about your family and will also tell you about his family. This is an indicator that he is not to mess up the things and is looking for some genuine long-term relationship.


5. Confidence and eagerness:


When it comes to confidence, a genuine guy will appear to be less confident on subsequent dates. This might be confusing but you should understand the fact that he shows a little bit of shyness because he cares about you. Guys who want a casual hook-up relationship will always appear to be confident because they don’t care about your thoughts. The genuine guy will lack confidence in answering you because he does not want any contradictory remark to end the possibility of future dates. He may also share his personal embarrassing incidences or biggest fear which is a clear positive response to does he wants to date me. When it comes to eagerness, he will always be eager to meet you or communicate with you on any platform. He will never ignore you and will always reply to your messages quickly.


Wrapping up:


There is always a thin line between a guy who wants to date you and one who wants to just hook up for personal benefits. The above signs and guidelines answer the question i.e. does he want to date me. However, these guidelines aren’t concrete. You should always trust your instincts and can even ask the guy directly if he wants to date you.