Survival Tips For Dating a Married Man

Survival Tips For Dating a Married Man

The best advice about a relationship with a married man is to avoid this type of relationship. It's quite obvious that you cannot choose someone whom you fall in love with. Love is blind and you can fall in love with anyone. However, if you are dating a married man, be ready to face the dire consequences as it will make your life unpredictable, messy and sometimes unhappy. This article is not to tell you to dump him immediately but to make you prepared for the typical experiences and outcomes. Some of the best survival tips for dating a married man are:

1. His needs will outweigh yours:

Remember that he has a family which will always come first. Although he may start liking you after few dates, this doesn’t mean that he will risk his family life. Even if he doesn’t talk much to his wife, there will always be obligations related to her which he will address first. He will never risk his family life and social circle for you. If he has children, their needs will always outweigh yours. While dating a married man, do not push things too hard which may have a negative effect on your relationship with him.

2. You are the secret member:

Dating a married man means that you will always remain an alien to his family and friends. He will never introduce you to anyone and will never acknowledge his love in the open. Your meetings will mostly be in secluded places where chances of you being seeing with him are slim. He will always shower you with gifts but there are high chances that you will remain the ghost in his life.

3. Temporary diversion:

You are a temporary diversion for him. This is a true statement which is difficult to comprehend.  Dating someone who is married seems romantic and naughty at the same time. Initially, your relationship may reach to such an extent that you will start falling for him. Escaping few hours from work, meeting in romantic and thrilling places, doing adventurous activities together may be fun for him and a good escape from his family problems. But do not consider libido driven passion for love. When the true picture will come, you will always be given a second preference.

4. Wife and family:

According to a survey on married men affairs, less than 5 percent men left their family to be with their affair. Marriage is a big system that binds 2 people in financial, moral and religious obligations. Even if love ceases between a husband and wife, affection will always be there since both of them have shared a bed/room for several years. Embrace yourself to face these challenges. It is also possible that your date keeps involved in a physical relationship with his wife while dating you at the same time.

5. No claim over anything:

While you may have to deal with the emotional burden, you will also have no claim on any of his belongings. All his financial assets including bank balances, property etc. will be shared by his wife and you will not have any claim legally. Although you are not dating someone for financial gains, it feels bad when you know that you have no right to many things which belongs to your date.

6. Dependence:

The worst part of dating a married man is that you might risk your independence. ‘Relationship’ is a magical term which means that 2 people are together and support each other. However, in this case, you are an outlier whose existence depends on the agreement of the man whom you are dating. Society will always treat you in a bad way and will always blame you for breaking his family. If the man does not want to meet you at any point in time, he can simply tell you to stop seeing him. Family, friends, and society will not only welcome his decision but will applaud him for making the right move (as per them). To safeguard yourself from emotional pain, you should understand that you are only a small part of his world. His other world is equally (sometimes more) important to him and he will always put his family on first priority.

Wrapping up:

Dating a married man can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. You may like a person because he is experienced in many things but at the same time, it becomes dark & gloomy when you realize the fact that you cannot have him for the rest of your life. Above article is to make you aware and be ready to face the consequences. It’s nowhere mentioned that you shouldn’t date the married man, but you should be ready to face the stigma attached to it.