Things To Talk About When You Are On a Date

Things To Talk About When You Are On a Date

Getting to know someone can be exciting and intimidating at the same time even when two people share a beautiful chemistry. It becomes quite difficult to decide if the question you are about to ask is too personal or too early for the relationship. Awkward silence and small talks territories are worst when you are genuinely interested in a person but are hesitant to ask. Your conversation topics reflect your mindset and one wrong question may tarnish your image forever. Besides love and marriage, there are many things to talk about when you are on a date. To navigate smoothly through this tricky terrain, below are some topics which can keep your conversation going.

1. Childhood:

Childhood is a topic on which everyone has something to say. You may discuss the places where you grew up, interests, hometown and other funny stories. Discussing childhood is a little therapeutic and is one of the best things to talk about when you are on a date. You may also discuss the embarrassing moments from the childhood. This will also reduce the awkwardness in the atmosphere and your date may finally open up to you.

2. Faith and values:

Faith is something which should not be discussed during the first date. However, it is an integral part of everyone’s life and to take your relationship further you should bring up this topic on subsequent dates. Normally, people make great efforts to extract information about the date’s faith and values by interpreting the statements. It's always best to talk directly to your date on this topic. Our faith or spirituality dictates how we are from the core and our way of living. There is nothing wrong to ask if your date goes to church or temple and whatever is his or her opinion on the political front.

3. Money perspective:

This topic should also be avoided during the first date but when both are compatible in this regard, one should bring this topic in subsequent dates. You can use any jumping off point to bring this topic e.g. if your date tells you about any exorbitant drink for food, you can ask him his or her perspective on money. Do not judge him or her on the basis of the spending. Both of you should discuss what the other person likes to spend money on.

4. Family:

The way in which a person treats his or her family and siblings tells a lot about how they value their interpersonal relationships. You should not ask about the family of your date directly as it may be too impulsive. You can always ask about the family in an indirect way like do you stay with your parents or where did you grow up? These questions will immediately involve the family and thereafter you can put more efforts to bring out more details.

5. Places lived and traveled:

It is one of the best things to talk about when you are on a date. You will not only get to know about a new place but you will also get to know the experiences that have shaped your date. You will also get an idea about his or her upbringing (adventurous, strict etc.). Even if you both are in the same city, there will be a vast difference between how people take things up. There might be funny incidences to share which will make the situation light and wholesome.

6. Work grievances:

In today’s world, only a few percentages of people actually love their work. Most of us only pretend to love our jobs. When you ask a person to tell their opinion about their job, you may have a mixed feeling. An honest opinion about the job will obviously help your date to open up and this will give you a deeper insight of his or her career goals.

7. Friends:

Asking someone about his or her friends shows that you are willing to make an effort to fit them into your life too. This will reflect your core values and the dedication that you have put into the relationship. There may be thousands of other things which you will come to know about your date once he or she starts opening up about the friends.

Wrapping up:

It is always important to know the things to talk about when you are on a date. A good conversation helps you to connect with your date and pushes the possibility of further dates (or long-term relationship). A good conversation topic should also handle the logistics i.e. resolve future issues.