The Difference Between Being Alone & Being Lonely: How These Affect Relations

People who have siblings or are twins cannot differentiate well between being single and being lonely because they always have someone with them, whenever they want. There could be your brother or sister who always stood by your side and you have grown up as “we”. Such people usually have to fight to get recognized as “me” as they spent their childhood inescapably paired up with their siblings.

While growing up, such people learn the value of their own independence and solitude. And they discover their own self, they find it pretty glorious. We all are aware that being alone is not the same thing as being lonely, but most of the people use these two terms interchangeably.

One of the biggest difference between being alone vs. lonely is that you will never find lonely people happy in their situation. We can call being alone as a state of being but an emotional response is added to it by being lonely. You may find yourself very happy by being alone, but when you are lonely, you are not satisfied and look for a change.

We have figured out few differences between the people who are alone and who are lonely:

1. “Being on their own” is what lonely singles dislike.

The most obvious difference between being alone and being lonely is that lonely people are never happy with their relationship status. Since they are dissatisfied so their focus is always to change the situation. It could be possible that they are single, but they always feel the void and the gap between people and themselves. They wish to have an intimacy to have someone who can wait for them to come home. And it may be possible that they are in a relationship, so they always feel disconnected from their partners in terms of emotions.

Being lonely is not an option that anyone chooses but it’s a state of mind which they go through. Even when they are with a group of people, they find themselves lonely. Such people if they are feeling isolated and miserable. This would definitely help them in changing their thinking pattern.

2. “Me Time” is well enjoyed by Alone Singles

We cannot refer being alone as a feeling or as a problem, or a malady that a person has. Being alone is just like that!! When the people (especially singles) are truly themselves, they feel happy in their own company and they do not miss anyone or anything. They consider their alone “me time” as their favorite part they would like to spend in a day.

Such people always want to take a break from the obligations of life and look forward to those quiet moments for themselves. People can concentrate on their needs, exercise good self-care, and enhance their overall well-being when they are alone.

3. Feeling tired and down are the characteristics of lonely people.

A person can wear the feeling of loneliness with time. It becomes such a state of mind where they start feeling as if they are carrying a burden or a weight. Such people do not focus on what they have gained in their life, but they remain focused on what is missing from their life i.e. a romantic relationship. Negative feelings surround them and they start having insecurities and feel that they are not enough. And this makes them exhausted.

4. Spending time alone also make people energized.

People who are introvert and doesn’t like to talk too much with people and are the ones who love being alone. They wistfully start thinking about being in their zone when they get surrounded by so many people. What makes them happy is a self-centered day which they can spend with themselves and do the things which they like.

Snuggling with the dog, reading the favorite novel, solving a jigsaw puzzle, going to the gym, and enjoying any other solo hobby recharge these people and make them ready to tackle the day.

5. “Next Relationship” is the only focus of lonely singles.

Alone people realize that being single is the best part of their life. They might have entered into multiple relationships and what they finally realize is to cut a lot of unnecessary drama and spend time with own-self is the best part of their life.

On the other hand, lonely singles have the only aim to enter into a relationship where they can find someone who can make their life meaningful. To get a girlfriend or a boyfriend is their life’s mission and they spend a lot of time finding a good match on dating apps. They try their best to make something happen and what all goes through their mind is that when they will meet someone new. But it’s definitely not the best state of mind which can let their romantic relation survive.

6. To think freely about own self is what being alone means.

Singles who love being alone focus exactly on what they want in their life. They can plan to meet a friend, go out for dinner, can make travel plans. They know how to keep themselves happy and make their life fulfilled. Such people never spend time wishing and hoping and thinking and praying for anything to happen, they just enjoy each moment.

Being alone gives you the right to prioritize yourself and to work on your life or career goals. Such people’s happiness does not depend on others as they find themselves complete and enough of their own.

Wrapping up:

When someone starts being alone for the first time in their life, then it takes time to fall in such frame and adopt it fully. Such people should try to cope loneliness by loving themselves, giving time to their priorities. Letting go all the regrets and generating the feeling to make yourself happy without depending on others.