6 Signs That You Are Dating An Evil Person

Dating is a magical world where you will find plenty of opportunities to explore people and yourself. You will always find people looking for casual hangouts, romance, serious long-term dating and even people looking for life partners. But there is a dark side of this magical world too. There will be evil people too who might come in your way to discover your genuine date. However, there are ways in which you can identify these evil people and can avoid them. Some tips to identify evil people are:


1. Communication


This is the most important way through which you can identify the evil person. Remember that an evil person always enjoys the misfortune of others. In fact, they feel good when they hear about the bad things happening to others. These evil people can also create a bad situation for you and will relish in your misery. You can always check your dating partner for this issue. If he seems to enjoy the misfortune of anyone, jump out of that relationship.


2. Control issues

In most of the cases, evil people are linked to control issues. These people feel uncomfortable and powerless when they are told to do something by others. As a consequence, these people will always appear to be concise, polite and punctual. Once you get close to these people, they will start controlling you. Dating these can also be dangerous because the may take severe steps to damage you from inside if their wishes are not fulfilled or you refuse any of their desires. Sometimes a slap on the heart is more destructive than a slap in the face. The main motive of these people is to control your inside rather than outside. If you are feeling depressant in a relationship, this might be the reason and you should always avoid these types of people.


3. Dishonesty

The base of any relationship lies in the honesty of the partners towards each other. An evil person is always linked to dishonesty. These people usually lie to support their cause and may also use a lie to make themselves stronger and smarter. They lie pathologically and constantly to such an extent that you feel start feeling guilty about yourself and will fall on your knees before their evil desires.

Remember, honesty is priceless and you shouldn’t expect it from cheap people.


4. Family warnings

It may happen that your date might not feel comfortable in you meeting his or her family. He or she may continuously give you one or other excuse for the meeting. However, it's always important to know about the family of your date esp. if you are looking for long-term relationship. The family is the first home of everyone and no one understands you better than your parents. If you meet his or her family, pay proper attention to what they say. They may tease your date on the basis of a previous relationship (how someone left him or her). This is a sign that they are telling you to stay away. Your date may brainwash you before you even meet his or her family, but do not ignore everything that his or her family says.


5. Racism or Sexism


Evil people are often racist, sexist, and homophobic. They tend to avoid good people because they enjoy people who have similar views on racism and sexism. You can easily determine this fact if you pay close attention to conversations. Whatever views the evil person holds about the other sex, he will hold the same about you at some point in time. He or she may offer to tell you that you are different, but at one point in time, they will treat you in a similar manner as they treat others.

These evil people even lack a sense of responsibility. If they see any blame coming their way, they will immediately divert it giving one or the other excuse. They never apologize and will always shift the blame to others. If you are dating a person who comes late to meet you on regular basis and gives excuses blaming other, it’s a red flag.


6. Confusion and conflicts


Evil people always lead a double life and they will never reveal their true self to you as it may be disgusting. To ensure that you never know the truth, they will confuse you with different stories each time. They will utilize the chaos and conflicts in your life to their own benefit. Before you discuss any personal matters with your date, ensure that he or she is a good person and will not take advantage of your situation. Evil people also ensure that their prey does not leave them at all. They are like boomerangs. No matter how hard you throw them out of their life, they will find a way to renter your life. They will use each and every tactic to manipulate you so that you take them back into your life.


Wrapping up:

These above tips will surely help you to identify if you are dating someone evil. If you encounter any of these things, hold back immediately. However, these guidelines are not wholesome. You might have to use your own intelligence to decide about your partner. Remember to keep your ears open all the time and remain alert esp. during the initial dates.