10 Qualities of A Guy That Will Make Him Your Perfect Partner

Well, Girls!! I can understand what you must be thinking….. Ten things only!! Really??? The list must be double of this. Creating a list is not a difficult task and it’s also a great exercise for you to jot down the points you want to see in your life partner. The difficulty comes when you have to create a list where you can list down only ten traits that you most importantly look into your partner. These traits should be such, without which you cannot think your partner to be!!

Most of the people are afraid of listing down the traits which they want to see in their partner just because they feel that their dating possibilities will shrink down if they focus really on what they wanted. But to take this in a positive way, you will have a benefit of making this list also. The time which you will waste on the wrong partner will decrease as you will know what exactly you want. You will come to know that its huge waste of time to date a person who is not having the qualities you are looking for and turning down such dates will make you feel more confident.

So what could be those 10 traits that are really important for a guy to have? There could be different perspective but we have listed down 10 things which you should definitely look into a guy:


1. You get a feeling of “being loved” with him.


The presence of the guy you are dating should make you feel special. Does your partner care about you? Do you feel loved or liked and feel happy in his presence? You can have exciting weekends with your partner, planning an outdoor trip or anything else, but if his presence is making you feel special and valued, then he is the right one for you. Such person demonstrates that he also wants to be with you and is worthy of your time.

2. The guy should be fiscally fit.


The guy you are dating should give value the money and respect its importance. The guy should neither spend more than what he has nor should be so cheap which can make you cringe. He should save money as a part of your relationship. You should find a guy who is able to support himself in terms of money. A healthy and mature relationship with money is important to survive.


3. “Feeling Jealous” should not be the trait.


It’s not at all good for your emotional wellbeing to be with a person who is resentful and is always draining when something good happens to you. The person you date should be ecstatic whenever you are landing in some new phase of your life like getting a new job, or you are spending a gala time with your friends or family without him.


4. He should maintain a respect in a relationship.


No one is perfect!! We all know there are one or the other imperfections in all human beings. The person who accepts you with your imperfection is your man of dreams. He will truly love you for who you are and will be happy with you. He will always respect you in front of others or even when only you two are together. It doesn’t mean that he will always agree with you, but a respect will always be maintained.

5. Should reflect confidence.


A guy with great confidence can only support you and bring out the best in you. When a guy is confident, he is able to stand up for himself and can say sorry for his mistakes and is not afraid of being wrong.


6. A good sense of humor is a must.


Having a good sense of humor matter a lot. We have many unanticipated ups and downs in life and a person with good sense of humor can handle such difficult times with ease. The guy you are dating should be able to laugh at himself. Humor helps in warming the soul and you can share some of the most intimate experiences of life along with sharing laughs together, either privately or publicly.


7. He listens to you and talks with you.


To sustain a relationship, communication is an important component. You should look for a guy who listens to you and is interested in what you have to say. Don’t forget you deserve to be heard and put your points in front of your partner. Also at the time when things get rough, he should show his desire to talk with you and share his feelings.


8. His main purpose is to make you happy.


The guy who makes you his priority in life and make efforts to make you happy is the right one for you. However, he won’t be always able to decrease your pain and put a smile on your face, but you should be happy with the fact that he is making efforts for you only.


9. His self-sacrificing nature.


Your guy should put you first and should be caring for you. His small actions will make you believe that he is caring for you. For example, if he knows you are tired after office, he can complete some of the household tasks on his own, can offer you the better seat whenever going out, or watches a movie which he really doesn’t like but knows it’s your interest. Relationship work on the concept of give and take and keeping concern for small things will make it long lasting.


10. His focus is only you.


Look for a guy who wants to know more and more about you. He asks questions about you. The one who is genuinely interested in your hopes and dreams. Not a guy who likes to turn the conversation to himself or give importance to his hopes and desires only. When someone realizes your importance, they simply want to know more about you instead of shining the spotlight on themselves.

Wrapping Up!!

You will find many guys who are of your type, may look good and have a good job- but what you have to focus is on being simple.  Do you really feel yourself when he is with you? Do you really feel to take this stress-free relationship forward? Do you have a belief that he will put you first every time and will be with you always in good and hard times? Then you have definitely found the man of your dreams!!