Modern Dating Rules Which Everyone Should Know

Modern Dating Rules

When it comes to dating, dating websites and apps have revolutionized the era. Everyone should understand that dating is not a game but it can lead you to serious relationships if you play by its rules. But the big question is Who Sets the rules? The answer to this question is We. Men and women have changed themselves completely in respect of their thinking, priorities, perspectives etc. These changes in lifestyle and thinking have inscribed some unspoken rules which everyone should follow. Some of the modern dating rules are:


1. Payment on first date:


2. Be honest:

Honesty is still the best policy when it comes to dating. Remember that you are dating someone doesn’t mean that he or she is your soul mate. You are into dating because you are looking for someone whom you can associate with. It’s not bad at all to tell someone that you are not feeling compatible with him or her. Being dishonest will waste time and resources of both parties involved. According to a survey, 52 percent people have agreed that it's best to tell your date politely that you are not interested in dating him or her. Also, do not take too much time to think whether you like the person or not. According to a survey of modern day men and women, it takes only 15 minutes to decide whether you like him/her or not.


3. Kiss on the first date:


Do not even think of kissing or sex on the first date. The first date was meant for formal introduction and discussion on likes/dislikes, hobbies etc. Having sex on the first date shows that you are not interested in a relationship and are looking for a one-night call. It is likely that you will not get a callback and your chances for another date would be ruined. However, when it comes to flirting, it is generally accepted and chances of call-back are better. But make sure that you do not comment on the body of our significant other.


4. Follow-up:

It’s surprising to know that follow-up is equally important when it comes to dating. After the first date, you should always follow-up to understand the impact of your first date. The big question that comes to mind is How much wait? According to a survey, 48 percent of women stated that they like to follow-up within 24 hours of the first date, however, 68 percent of men stated that they like to “play it cool” and normally waits for almost 3 days to follow-up after the first date.


5. Classical communication:


In this modern digital era, there are hundreds of ways to communicate with one another. However, when it comes to dating, people have agreed that classical communication i.e. phone call is the most preferable one. Almost 80 percent of the people have agreed to the fact that phone call is the most convenient way to communicate someone esp. after your first date.


6. Social media:

Yes, it is completely fine to add your date to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. However, one should not jump to conclusions and immediately add your date to Facebook. You should always take time to understand if you are ready to take your relationship public. Once you add someone on Facebook, friends of your date will notice you (thanks to “friend suggestion” feature). According to a survey, 21 percent of young people have agreed that its ok to add your date to Facebook after 2-3 dates while 11 percent of experienced singles have stated that it's best to wait till your relationship becomes exclusive.


7. Introducing friends:


It is normal for people to hide their date from the outside world unless they are optimistic. No one wants to be judged on the basis of the failed relationship. However, in modern dating era, it is completely fine to introduce your friends to your date within the first month of dating. According to a survey, 50 percent men and 35 percent women have agreed to the fact that they introduce their date to their friends within the first month.


Wrapping up:


There are no set rules for dating in this modern era. Sometimes things work-out, sometimes they don’t. But the important thing is that you much make sure that you are honest with your date as dishonesty will result in a waste of time for both. These modern dating rules will surely help you in building a beautiful relationship with your significant other.