Tips On Dating After 50

Tips On Dating After 50

A lot of things change when you date after 50. Chances of meeting people in bar, parties, set-up by friends & family, bumping in grocery stores are bleak. Online dating has addressed these problems by giving you an opportunity to search for people online who are on your wish-list. Another problem that people encounter is their past experiences. You already had an experience in a relationship in the past (good or bad) which means that you are looking for something specific in the relationship. However, it is advisable not to have a narrow vision once you are out in the dating world. Here are few tips for you if you are considering dating in your 50s.

Do not hide:

One of the major problems in dating after 50 is that you do not want to put yourself in places where you can meet the people. It’s impossible for men to meet women (or vice-versa) while sitting at home. The 50s seems a great number to sit and relax at home or reading a book, but if you want to get back in the dating game, you should consider updating your priorities. Start going to restaurants with friends on the weekends. Even if you want to continue with your hobbies like reading books etc., you may do so but just take your hobby outside. If you like reading books, start going to a library. Similarly, if you are interested in outdoor activities, you take up golf or other activities you are comfortable with. Remember that you should not put yourself at risk doing things which are constraints for your age.

Judging on past experiences:

Do not hold a too narrow vision when you are dating in your 50’s. Be open to date all types of people irrespective of their background, looks, and interests. However, you should always consider dating those people who are self-sufficient and are not dependent on you financially. People in 50s look for openness, romance, humor, honesty, intelligence and all other traits which they might have missed in their 30’s and 40s. They become mature and give more importance to these traits. Failed marriage or early divorce does not mean that he or she is unfit for dating. It just means that he or she has not found the right person. Remember that this is the age where you can explicitly state your preferences. You do not have to think about society and family. If you want to be with someone who enjoys trekking, you should follow him or her without any reservations.

Giving up after the bad date:

Just like every new endeavor, dating also has a learning curve. You cannot become an expert in dating even if you have dated several times in the past. A lot of things change when people are in their 50s. People tend to give more importance to a particular trait over other. This may be unacceptable to you but this doesn’t mean that you should generalize people and stop dating. It is seen that men prefer intelligent women (high position) when they are in their 50s. Similarly, women prefer men who are financially well and can sweep them off their feet even in the 50s. People may reject you on the basis of their personal priorities but that doesn’t mean that he or she is bad. It just means that you should keep looking for your perfect date.

Accept the facts:

You are in your 50s and one of the most important thing that you should do is accept the facts. It's not bad at all if you are more into romance than talking. According to a survey of men in 50s, many of them stated that they want someone active in a relationship in 50s than in 30s or 40s. This is good for women who are also not interested in slowing down with age. At 50, be open-minded and do not judge the other person on the basis of his or her past. There are people who prefer reading over chatting, trekking over sleeping, but this doesn’t mean that you should change according to them. Dating itself means that you are giving a chance for the relationship and if things do not work out, you can always pull yourself out of this game.

Wrapping up:

Although, dating has opened a new era for people who want to jolt their life in the 50s. Dating has rules but they always change with age. Always remember to be more open to your dating partner so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest.