Does Your Significant Other Use a Dating Website?

The relationship between two individuals is defined by the way in which they behave towards each other or are connected to each other. It can be blood-related or non-blood related. Husband-wife, brother-sister, parents-children etc. all qualify for a relationship. Out of these, the husband-wife relationship is the most magical one since it involves 2 people who are together by their own will. These two individuals were two different entities before their marriage and they adjust themselves in every possible manner to give meaning to their relationship. A successful marriage doesn’t mean finding the right partner but being the right partner is more important. But what happens when you find out that your significant other use a dating website? Does it ring alarms in your marriage or it's just a phase? Whatever the reason is, it’s important to first find out Does your significant other use a dating website?

The biggest drawback of the internet is that it enables oneself to exploit and hide one’s activities. There is no license required to access the dating website. People, irrespective of their relationship status, can register and use them as per their convenience. Even if they lie about their status, there is no one to verify that. This gives an edge to people who sometimes stray from the path esp., married people. It becomes the duty of the significant other to bring the other person back on the track. But before that, you have to be sure that your significant other use a dating website. There are few suggestions as follows:


1. Check the browsing history:

The first step is the check the browsing history. Nowadays, all smart devices sync themselves on regular time intervals which will enable you to check the entire history from one device (if your partner uses single email account). You can check for the dating websites by searching the common words. There are many websites which have their names intended to be inconspicuous such as Xpress, Gleeden, Ashley Madison etc. There are websites which are specially designed to hook you with the people living in nearby areas. If you are able to find these websites in the history of your significant other, be sure that he or she is looking for something.

2. Search for picture and email ID:


There are several search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. which enables to search the picture on the entire web. Most of these dating websites display the pictures of their subscribers in search results for publicity, however, personal data is protected. Even if you find a picture match, do not jump to conclusion. Register on that website and check if he or she is really your significant other. Also, check the last available date as he or she may have registered several years before you two were together.


3. Create a sample profile

To answer the question, Does your significant other use a dating website, you may simply create a profile on popular dating websites. You can then simply search for your significant other but searching the physical attributes like color, age etc. of your significant other. On websites and apps like Tinder, you can also search on the basis of location and other preferences. If you share a joint credit card, you can also scan your credit card statement for a nominal charge by these websites. These websites charge a nominal amount for activation and to ensure that the person is not a fraud.


4. Hire a licensed personal investigator:

If nothing works, it is best to take help from an expert. And yes, there are people who are licensed to investigate this sort of matter. Of course, you will have to pay for the same (expensive) and may have to wait for several days before they can give their report. If your significant other is involved in any extra-marital activity, the investigator will give you all the proofs which you can also use for legal action. It is important to understand that you cannot hack account (or ask someone) of your significant other. Activities such as hacking, electronic surveillance etc. may put you in a derogatory position as your significant other may take legal action against you. There are laws in each and every country which prohibit anyone to intrude on anyone’s personal space including hacking personal email ID, tapping phones, cloning sim cards etc.


Wrapping up:


The above tips will surely help you to answer the question Does your significant other use a dating website. However, one should understand that if the answer to the above question is NO and your significant other finds out, there will be trust issues throughout your life. There may be several other reasons such as workload, drugs etc. due to which your significant other may seem distant.  It’s best to eliminate all other possibilities before you jump to conclusion that your partner is involved in a dating website on a serious note.