Best Dating Advice for a Single Parent

A single parent goes through a lot of questions in mind if they start dating someone. There could be various things like getting open to the current situation or removing the guilt of dating. Our advice can definitely be useful for you and you can think about choosing a new partner and getting a mother/father to your child.

Being a single parent, if you are dating, then surely you are entering into a minefield. Situations can vary but the fear is always there in their mind and being a single parent you can go through even tougher moments. Whenever you start dating after the birth of your toddler your confidence and self-belief go much lower. But instead of bringing negative thoughts, think positively that life is not a ride, and we all have a family with whom we can celebrate every moment of life. The right person who will come into your life will also recognize this. If you will pick some of the below-mentioned tips, you will be certainly going to the right way.

You are a parent- Admit to this fact

A single parent may feel a stigma about dating again and certain myths can circle around their mind. You will not be telling your daughter about the online dating profile of yours or the person with whom you are dating. Your date is much easier if you will be hiding facts from your family. But this will be your biggest mistake which you can do. If you will not tell your dating partner that you are a single parent, one day they will definitely be left quivered with this fact. Try to be open to your partner and show them the real you.

Supposing if you have met a narrow-minded fool then this truth of your life may create potential misunderstanding, and they can have a negative opinion about you. As this will be a big issue for them to deal with, more than any other topic like the recent pictures of yours on social media account, the profession you are serving or the habits you have. There is no point spending time with a person who has a problem with this reality of yours and this is a good option to filter out such idiotic creatures.  

There is no point giving excuses or defending yourself

You should be proud of who you are and should be thankful to God for the family you have. Most of the people easily fall into to the trap that they are supposed to explain to their partner, how they became a single parent. But this is not correct. In early phases of dating, no one cares about such thing but if you met the fabulous person, then he/she feel lucky to know the people like you and your family. Your child means the world to you and why to assume that any other person could have any sort of problem with your toddler.

Consider your life as a bonus, not baggage

Your child can transform your life in many ways and you may see new and different aspects of living it more happily. You should not feel baggage being a single parent as it weighs you down and makes you feel that you have something extra of bulky. Being grown in a society where the single parent is considered to be an example of loneliness and poverty, this baggage word must originate from such societies.

But it's only you who can have either way of viewing your present situation in a positive way which makes you feel, that what all you have is a bonus and you are extremely happy. A child can put things in your perspective letting you feel more confident and capable.

Be confident and feel positive if you want to date

Never let yourself down by thinking that dating someone is a wrong deed when you have become a parent. There is nothing wrong with getting some time for you and finding a partner who could be there in all phases of life. Being a single mom or dad makes you responsible for your child, but this not at all means that you can’t buy time for yourself. You can surely be a mother or father, but don’t forget you are a human who wants to flirt and want to enjoy an adult’s company.


Do not hurry up to introduce your partner and your child

Dating a person doesn’t mean that you will get an extra help in taking care of your child and you should inform your partner about this. Your child is only your responsibility and there is no parenting help you are looking for. If your partner tries to get too involved with your child, he/she might not feel comfortable and can turn into the disruption of your happy world.

Do not introduce your partner to your child as your girlfriend or boyfriend. Instead, let them indulge slowly and they may ultimately turn up liking each other.

Keep your focus on the present

Knowing your life situation as a parent, your partner will naturally be thinking about what kind of future they will have with you. But being a single parent, you should not frame a picture that you will settle down with your date and will have a happy going family. There could be the situations where your partner cannot feel agile in the situation where you have to handle responsibilities as a parent. Your child will help you in differentiating between the people you “worth it” and “not worth it” at an early stage of dating.

Wrapping up:

Dating doesn’t mean that you are looking for someone to fill a void in your family, rather it’s all about finding a person who could be there with you in every situation of life, whether it’s good or bad and with whom you make feel that life isn’t that harsh.