The 6 Types Of Girls You Should Date And The Ones To Avoid

How to know what types of girls you should date

When you are on a dating spree, sometimes you get carried away and do not think beforehand about what kind of girl you want to be with. Before it is too late, you should confront your real choices and feelings about which types of personalities you are looking for in your date. This blog will provide the crucial dating advice required to identify a girl's personality to fit with yours for a perfect match.


Types of girl's personalities you should look for


Let's say you have dated many girls before but want to get it perfect this time. Where do you start? How do you get to know if the person sitting in front of you is the ideal girl for you? Specific basic parameters and personality traits you can look for are necessary to prevail in a healthy and sustainable relationship.


1. The confident one


The confident one


Girls who are confident in themselves and respect others are more compatible with spending a relationship period. They tend to be less insecure about everything their counterpart does, which paves the way for a non-toxic relationship. Girls with self-respect and confidence are realistic in their relationships with stable emotional conditions. They understand the importance of self-esteem and respect in a connection that will inspire you to be confident in yourself. Thus, this is one of the most important traits to look for amongst women while finding yourself a date.


2. The humorous lady


We all know that smiles and laughter take a relationship a long way through all problems, and a girl with a good sense of humor will make sure to crack a joke at the perfect time after a silly fight. Half of the mini conflicts in a relationship can be easily solved if the man and the woman have a similar sense of humor and crack up on the same topic. Knowing the difference between light humor and a joke that targets you is also essential. Nagging and pulling legs is good in a relationship, but when the humor affects you mentally or puts your self-worth down, you need to reconsider your choices.


3. Knows to differentiate between physical and emotional touch


It would help if you kept in mind that your girl should know when to prioritize emotional attraction and when to resolve to physical touch. You can discuss this with your partner beforehand about which kind of relationship is perishable between you. If you both agree to a more physical relationship, there is no harm in continuing your relationship on a biological foundation. If you both think that you like the other one deeper than where the skin ends, you can prioritize when to connect emotionally and when to connect physically.


4. The independent one


When you are looking for the right match for you to date, one thing you can get to know in the initial phases is if your date is independent in itself or not. You can judge this personality trait by observing little incidents like deciding where and what to eat or who of the two of you offers to pay the bill. This girl should be living a fulfilling life irrespective of what happens in your relationship with her. The girl should not be indecisive in small matters and cling to you in case anything arises; instead, she should be self-sufficient and be able to take matters into her own hands.


5. The non-toxic one



If your date is excessively jealous and possessive about even the little things you do, like who you talk to or hang out with, it is a huge red flag, and you should immediately become aware of the consequences that might follow. Always make sure not to date a toxic girl. Otherwise, she will make your life a living hell by making you cut all your other ties to the world and make you available only and only for her. This does not mean that possessive girls are the only poisonous kinds. Any signs of a toxic partner are signs of manipulation, emotional blackmailing, gold-digging, high expectations, and fighting unnecessarily. Unless you do not want to end up lonely and with a toxic other half, you should be vigilant while looking for the poisonous trait in your date.


6. The good communicator


It would help if you kept in the front of your mind to be clear with the girl you are dating about what you want and should also expect the same from her side. To accomplish this, you will have to make sure that you are dating someone who knows what and how to convey effectively in a relationship. Be sure that she knows how to come clean about what she expects from you and the relationship and can get the same effect on you. This can help save you a lot of trouble in a relationship and can help you enhance your relationship two-fold. Thus, this is a trait you should look for in your date's personality.


What kind of girls you should not date


Before you figure out what type of personality a girl fits perfectly with you, you should be aware of the significant red flags in a girl that you should not even try to date in your dreams. You can get to know some of the substantial and common red flags mentioned below and add your own based on what you have discovered about your liking in the past few years of dating.


  • Keep away from someone who ignores you and does not reply to you on time. This does not mean that she should be on the phone all day, but she should be reachable to you in an emergency.
  • If you do not want to be your date's pet animal, you should avoid girls who will go on ordering you about everything all around the day. You know you have enough of your chores to handle someone else's.
  • Reiterating the point about effective communication, refrain from being with women who keep their thoughts to themselves and do not communicate them to their partner. This is extremely harmful in a relationship. Effective communication is required from both sides to run your relationship longer and lovelier.
  • Even if you are just a million away from becoming Jeff Bezos, be sure that your date is not your date just because of your money. Be sure to present yourself as a humble lad before your date first and see if she wants to date you or your money.
  • The infamous daddy's princess is another famous kind of girl with whom you should not fall into a trap. Such girls think that the whole world revolves around themselves and that everyone would do anything and everything to please their whims. Unless you think so, too, you would want to stay away from the princess and consider dating an ordinary girl.
  • Some girls in the world naturally disapprove of their date's friends. She will try to distance you from your friends and those you love. She will want to spend all your time with her and leave hanging out with your friends. All she will do is fill in her insecurities about your friends. So until and unless you want to remain a friend-less loner who spends all of his time with his date, you can go ahead and date the friend hater.




Choosing the right girl to date in this vast world is undoubtedly tricky and can take a lot of attempts to get to the perfect one for you. This procedure can take time, but ensure that a few failed attempts do not dishearten you. Remember that the one meant to be for you is somewhere out there and will run into you when the time and situation are right. 

Until the right moment, for you comes and you meet your dream girl, we want to ensure that you do not end up with a not-so-good girl who can make your dating profile feel even worse. Once you start dating girls, you will find how many different personalities exist in the world, and you can analyze and pick one which seems to fit perfectly for you. You can follow the above tips to end up with the girl of your dreams. Follow for more insights into the dating life and how to get the most of it!