10 Female Dating Rules That Every Man Should Know

If you are a beginner in the dating scene and struggling to impress the woman you like, you may be searching for some easy and effective tricks to make your date go smoothly. Well, in that case, here are some top female dating rules which you must follow while approaching and dating a woman. These ten dating rules have been gathered from the experiences of serial and experienced daters who have never failed to woo their woman.


Female dating rules


1. Casual outings or fancy dates?


Not every girl likes fancy expensive dinners; some would also prefer a date night out on the street or in a club. After dating your girl for some time, you will probably know what she desires for a date. She might be a funky and adventurous date kind of girl or a sophisticated dinner lover. Once familiar with your date's likes and dislikes, you can choose the perfect getaway for her. So, before you plan a date, you should question yourself: is it the ideal plan for her? If not, change it to something your girl enjoys doing. You can also plan an outing to a place where she mentioned wanting to go sometime earlier, and this will earn you brownie points for listening carefully enough and remembering what she wanted to do.


2. Add humor


Girls will give you their hearts out if you put a genuine smile on their faces. Even if you are not a funny person by nature, you can use silly tricks and lame jokes to make her laugh. Keep in mind that every person has a different sense of humor; what is funny for one girl might be weird to another. So, do not start with a deep or a polarizing joke. Instead, begin on a lighter note so that you both are comfortable with each other. It would help if you kept in mind the level of humor you use with your partner, even if it is something you may not prefer. Gradually, you can figure out what kind of tricks tickle your girl's funny bones the most. 


3. Go cheesy


Bringing flowers, singing and dedicating songs to each other, and sending long cute texts to each other might sound a lot of cringe to the GenZ couples, but men should keep in mind that it doesn't matter how much you hate it, your girl probably loves these small gestures a lot. Girls usually value such actions because they make them feel you are a good man with genuine feelings for her. They typically prefer these little romantic things, which melt their heart and for you to find a place to sneak in as a potential lover. Such cheesy gestures make the environment even more romantic, which is a win-win!


4. Do not pressurize


Even if you fall in love with the woman on the first date, do not pressure her to do the same if she doesn't feel the same way. Something that feels love-at-first-sight to you may not be the same for her. You might want a serious relationship ahead of the first few dates while she is not sure about you yet. In this case, you ought to give her time, which means you cannot call her every ten minutes and ask her about her decision. Give her unbiased and alone time to consider what she wants from you and this relationship. If her decision turns out precisely opposite to how you wanted it to be, acknowledge her free will without putting pressure and stress on her to change her decision. You will only invite yourself to be more of a fugitive in her life if you start to pressure her. 


5. Come clear


Communicate with her and be clear about what you are looking for in the first few dates so that she does not get any irrational hopes from you, which might make the situation unnecessarily complex. Set boundaries and rules, speak about your needs and wants and expectations, and ask her to do the same to know if you are on the same page. If you are not interested in the woman or have your interests fixed on someone else, come clear with her. If you lie, she will eventually get to know, and you wouldn't want that chaos. To avoid messy things, sit down and discuss your and her needs before jumping to conclusions about each other.


6. Listen


You are bound to be liked by her if you are a great listener. On your date, do not get baffled and calmly ask her about herself, her life, her job, her childhood, and everything else. Please pay attention when she speaks, no matter how boring the topic is. If she is telling you about her childhood dog Bruno, make sure to listen to the story carefully so that if the name Bruno pops up in your further communications in the future, you are already aware of the context. This will also make her feel happy that you remembered a minute detail of her life that she told you. Once you start asking and listening to her stories, she will begin to feel secure with you and confide in you for anything that happens in her life. This will gradually make your bond stronger.


7. Just chill


Do not panic if your woman enjoys your company, likes your idea for the date, or anything else. Just put out your best version and trust your choices. Leave the rest to her and let her enjoy the date peacefully, without constant bickering and asking her if she is having fun. If you have put in effort in selecting the right place, right time, right ambiance, proper food, and right conversations, your woman will grasp your efforts at first glance and will surely acknowledge your efforts positively. 


8. Be confident


Put up a confident front always; otherwise, you will appear scared and a little less likable to your date. Be sure to combine confidence with humility; this will help you not climb the ladder of faith, which is a significant turn-off for women and can even lead to the banishment of your date. Make sure to stand up to the right person at the right time and not to someone you can quickly suppress as it exhibits misuse of your power. Being confident comes with a lot of responsibility which you should be sure of bearing correctly on your date.


9. Be yourself, but best


While going on a date, dress up nicely, wear your best perfume, do not leave your hair messy, and take a bath: in a nutshell, be the best version of yourself. Bring your best performance out for your date, so she knows what standard you are off. But be cautious. Being the best of yourself does not mean that you pretend to be someone you are not or be fake in front of your date to impress her. Being the best version means being yourself and doing the best you can.


10. Respect her


You will be a total loser if you try to impress your date with mean and disrespectful jokes or sarcastic pickup lines. Instead, focus on innocent humor while respecting her and others in front of her. Do not use abusive language or vulgar slang to impress her. And this will dishearten her instead of impressing her. Talk politely about her connections, even if there is a mutual person you dislike to the very core. Be sure to filter your words before they come out of your mouth. On initial dates, you are unsure about what she might find offensive or disheartening, so refrain from discussing topics you are uncertain of.


Wrapping Up

Dating is a particular task and must be carried on as a mission to achieve the ultimate goal of happiness. But, the lessons to be completed in this mission are pretty simple and natural, making dating easy for many. If you are conscious of whether your date will like you and want some simple tips to follow, this blog states ten rules of dating that make up a perfect constitution for you. Always remember that women are intelligent beings, and they know if something is fishy, so make sure you are always yourself while on a date and do not pretend to be someone you are not. For more rules on dating for women and men, follow perfect10dating.com!