The 7 Love Language Types You Should Know About

We all have heard the phrase, 'Actions speak louder than words,' and we use it so many times. This is true in the case of expression of love too. There are love language types through which you can tell someone that you love them without actually saying it. Showing someone that you love that person through actions is far more effective in a relationship as compared to using just words. Let's take a look at seven love languages other than words which can add sparkle and magic dust to your relationship. For better understanding, we will use an example of two couples, Ryan-Rachel and Daniel-Diana.


The 7 love language types


1. Gifts  



Many times, gifts are considered to be materialistic things. But what is more important is the love and effort that you put behind getting it for your partner. You should understand your partner's choice and what they will like instead of what you want and imply they will like too. It doesn't matter how big or small a gift is. The main aim is not to spend more money but to bring joy to your date’s face.


Try to customize the gift as much as you can. Be thoughtful of your partner's choices. Know their favorite color, what they like, and what they love to do, and inculcate that in buying or making the gift.


Ryan and Rachel:

It was Rachel's birthday, and Ryan thought he should buy an expensive gift for her. To get rid of the responsibility of going shopping, he asked his employee to accept the gift. When she got the gift, even the valuable ring became priceless for her because she knew that the gift was just for the sake of her birthday. On the other hand, Ryan didn't understand, even after spending so much money, why his wife was not satisfied.


Daniel and Diana:

Daniel was really excited about Diana's birthday, and he got her many small gifts, including a flower of her choice, a collage of their photos, and a greeting that he had chosen for Diana. She was delighted and couldn't believe that someone could put so much effort into her. Daniel was happy to see her smile.


2. Communication 


It is indispensable to communicate in order to strengthen your relationship. We often assume that the other person has understood our perspective. We need to be vocal about what we want to convey and not expect the other person to understand on his own. Communication is not just about telling your perspective to another person. But it is also about talking about how your day was, listening to your partner's cribbing, and talking about the past incidents. In today's modern world, it becomes necessary to speak your heart out and listen to your partner by taking out time for each other. This is one of the most effective love languages.


Ryan and Rachel: 

Whenever they both are together, they are engrossed with their phones, either binge-watching something or chatting. They are less concerned about asking each other about their worries and joy, and as a result, both of them lack understanding of the other half's mood and what is going on in their lives.


Daniel and Diana: 

Daniel was upset with Diana for something she did but told her about his feelings. Diana understood, and just because of simple communication, their bond became more substantial.


3. Quality time 


Love flourishes when you spend time together. Whether it is a dinner date at a fancy restaurant, shopping together, or just stargazing or walking. You don't need to go overboard to spend quality time. You just need to ensure that you both spend ample time with each other.


Ryan and Rachel: 

Rachel has household chores and office work to complete, and therefore she doesn't have time for Ryan. And when there is no office, she likes to go out with friends. As a result, the spark in their relationship has diminished. And now, Ryan is also used to not having his wife around.


Daniel and Diana: 

No matter how busy the day is, Diana completes her work before time only to spend time with Daniel as it is important to her. As a result, Daniel too puts effort, and their love has grown.


4. Physical touch 


Physical touch


Hugging your partner, patting them, or giving them solace in your arms are a few ways to express your love towards them. No matter how much you have heard that the love language in the heart matters most, showing affection through physical touch is also as important. There are going to be bad days when your partner will need a caressing hand and a shoulder to cry on. There will also be times when just a simple hug will make your partner feel protected. You have to make sure that you are expressive in such ways.


Ryan and Rachel: 

Rachel was sick and in pain. Ryan gave her medicine and went to sleep. Even after having a pain-killer, she still was in pain as she needed her husband to hold her hands and make her feel good.


Daniel and Diana:

When Diana got sick, Daniel made sure he was right by her side. He held her hands and made her sleep on his lap. And physical touch worked wonders as Diana felt loved.


5. Affirmations 


When you are with your partner, make sure you emit positivity. Cribbing, scolding, and putting the blame on the other person are the enemies of a healthy relationship. Learn to speak and think good things about each other. You should shower appreciation and let go of their minute mistakes because the power of affirmations is really massive.


Ryan and Rachel: 

Ryan continuously points out Rachel's mistakes, and as a result, there is bitterness between them, and Rachel keeps on making mistakes.


Daniel and Diana: 

Daniel doesn't let Diana's failures impact her. He motivates her to become a better person. As a result, Diana loves Daniel more and more each passing day.


6. Expression of love and affection


Just saying I love you is not enough to show love. You must be able to express your love by saying things such as what you like about your partner, by saying how much they mean to you and how lucky you are to be with your partner. Never skip a chance where you can compliment your partner. But that doesn't mean that whatever you say is fake and forceful. It should come straight from your heart. 


Ryan and Rachel: 

They both never express love, and as a result, they lack a feeling of being loved. They don't know how much their partner loves them, and now they are used to such feelings.


Daniel and Diana: 

They both always are at the forefront when it comes to expressing their affection for each other, and as a result, a new flower of love blossoms every day between them.


7. Acts of service 

Acts of service


'Why should I do it?' You should get rid of this question when it comes to grooming relationships. You should never forget that if you are doing certain things for your partner, that doesn't mean you are doing some work. Remember when your mother cooks your favorite dish, when your father takes you out shopping, and when your sibling does your household chores, they all do it out of love. In the same way, you should always make sure you do things for your partner and that too without feeling a burden of it.


Ryan and Rachel: 

Rachel irons Ryan's clothes and cooks breakfast every day for him. But she also cribs about how she has to go out of the way to do things for Ryan. As a result, Ryan doesn't give value to what she does for him and instead self-doubts himself for not doing these things independently.


Daniel and Diana: 

Diana does the same chores for Daniel, and in return, Daniel washes the dishes and her clothes. As a result, they say how much they mean to each other, even without saying it.


Final thoughts:


Using love languages is very easy; you just need to make a conscious effort to express your love towards your partner, and the results are fantastic. Be the person you would want to spend your entire life with and love someone just like you want them to love you. Life is simple, and it is we who make it complicated. Similarly, love is beautiful. We just don't know how to take care of it. Life is nothing without love, and love is meaningless if the other person doesn't feel loved. Ensure that the other person knows how much you love them and how much they mean to you. Explore more of for helpful dating tips, advice, and resources.